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UFC 249 & All UFC Events Going Forward Are Now Postponed Indefinitely Due To COVID-19


Dana White really tried to pull off the impossible here, and it felt like he was a mere inches away from the finish line, but much like the rest of the world - he's gonna have to shut down the UFC's doors for the foreseeable future as well. 

You would have to imagine this order comes from someone like Trump, considering how often they have been communicating over this whole thing, but until more details drop, we won't really know. 

As much as I was looking forward to these fights, and trying to escape the reality of the world we're living in for a few hours, this is probably for the best. We don't have to worry about fighting right now. People are still dying.

I'll keep you updated as more info comes through.

UPDATE: It appears this order came from the higher-ups at Disney/ESPN, not any government officials...

...and Fight Island is still happening!!!