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Thank You, Future


I'm so glad that I no longer have to find "56 Nights" through some amateur mixtape uploaded to Apple Music under Dj Funky Stuff Chunes Vol 2. 

There was a point in time I believed this was Future's best project. He has since surpassed it (HNDRXX, The WIZRD) but that is no fault of "56 Nights". This tape was basically Isaac Bruce retiring ranked 2nd in yards, 5th in receptions and 9th in touchdowns but then being passed as the game changed. There was nothing that could be done but that doesn't diminish the greatness in any way.

This tape holds a special place in my heart. It came out in March 2015 several months before I was laid off unexpectedly. I hated my job but shit man, I got a habit to feed and Faberge eggs don't buy themselves. I went out to my car with my belongings and sat there, not knowing what to do. Usually getting sent home early from work is good news. Not so much here. I'm not sure if it was the first song that came on or one of the first ones, but "Never Gon Lose" came on. I remember listening to how confident Future was in talking about he was going to taking my old lady to Aruba (that'll teach me), him celebrating his success while overseas and how he wasn't gonna fuck with that bitch.....then he fucked her again. All relatable content. During all this, he was convinced that he was never going to lose. He believed it in his heart of hearts. And I believed him. And it's sappy or whatever but I decided then while sitting in my car that just because my time had come to an end there, it it didn't have to be the end. Future said we never gon lose so it's settled. We never gon lose. I look forward to spinning this several times today.

And since you asked, "March Madness" is an all-time song. It's maybe his biggest solo song and the ultimate uniter among all when it comes on in a public setting. It's also not a top-five song on this tape. Again, that's a credit to the strength of the tape and not a knock on the song. The ranking goes as follows, subject to change depending on how I feel that day:

1. Never Gon Lose

2. Diamonds from Africa

3. 56 Nights

4. Purple Comin In

5. Trap {redacted}. Omitted from the Apple Music version which is not appreciated. It is still part of "Dirty Sprite 2" though, so all is not lost.

6. March Madness

7. No Compadre

8. Now

And since I know Future is reading this, it's been a while since you dropped a project, brother. We need the tunes now more than ever. Please.