Oh, So That's How You Do That Cool Beer Trick

The rise of DIY videos I've been seeing in quarantine has been awesome. For example, who knew this was a thing?

Absolutely wild stuff:

That being said, Emily Zeck's skills in this video are very clear. She breaks it down like it's something that should've been taught in 2nd grade. I don't blame her, because it seems easy as hell when she does it, but when my clumsy ass tries it? We could have an issue. 

I've been seeing a lot of "if you don't come out of quarantine with a new skill, you don't lack time, you lack DISCIPLINE" tweets and I was thinking to myself, "what on earth could be my new skill?" This is it. I'm going to learn how to do this. 

A big thank you to Emily. She's been the queen of PSA's during this pandemic. Remember to wash your hands, fools!