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Madonna Has Officially Gone Off the Deep End

If you thought Madonna's freakish bathtub video - which appears to have been taken down - droning on about how coronavirus doesn't discriminate on the basis of age or race or gender or if you're a middle aged woman surrounded by rose petals in a bathroom fixture that costs more than my car was her hitting rock bottom? Guess again. 

I mean what the titty-fucking bejeebers is this Danza Macabre? It's like a cross between bad, pretentious, government-supported performance art, a moody 15-year-old rich girl's journal entry, and one of those creepily weird videos George McFly makes. 

I mean, I want to be sympathetic because she claims she's lost three people she knows. And then proceeds to define them by what kind of work they did for her. Did they die of Covid-19? Heart attacks? Bus accidents? She doesn't deem it necessary to mention. She just wants us to know "over it." Because the rest of us who are dealing with deaths, illnesses, lockdowns, stir craziness and unemployment haven't hit the wall that Madge has, apparently. 

And why a typewriter? Why, in God's name, a typewriter? Does she think it add some sort of artistic element to it? Does it make it a period piece? Is it meant as an homage to Jack Torrance typing "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over in the Overlook? 

Seriously, what is going on with this? And for that matter, who's recording this and why aren't they recommending she give it a rest? Or tell her they accidentally deleted the recording or her phone died halfway through, just to save her the embarrassment. I'm not even joking. This is a cry for help and I hope she's able to get it before these things get any more bizarre.