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Guess What Kind Of Professional Created A Sexy "Bunny" Mannequin Display On Their Front Yard???

What kind of professional would go through the trouble of dressing up mannequins as Playboy bunnies in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? If you guessed dentist, then you were spot on - congratulations! You somehow know just how strange and lonely dentists can be. 

To be fair though, it's really not their fault. People are always putting them off, ignoring them, and then dreading the moment they do see them. When women are asked what kind of job their dream guy would have, not one has ever said "dentist." They're constantly disrespected and underestimated. I mean, some people don't even consider them doctors! They're ridiculed for even bringing it up and denied their truth to the point where they have to perform their own oral procedure just to prove themselves. 

So yeah, it's no wonder they're horny af! You would be too if you were constantly looking at gross, plaque infected teeth of liars who tell you they floss once a day when in reality the only time they borrow floss from a neighbor is when they have food stuck in their teeth. 

But you know who can't lie: mannequins. And that's why dentist Wayne Gangi will stop at nothing to make sure his display is back this year, even if war broke out over it last year.

The titillating tradition sparked controversy in April 2019 when an offended neighbor used scissors to dismantle what she deemed a “disgusting” Easter display featuring dummies in bunny ears, lingerie and fishnets. The damage cost Gangi between $500 and $1,000, he says, and prompted him to file a restraining order against the self-righteous vandal, whom he calls a “pimple on my ass.”

It's going to take a lot more that giant garden shears to shake Gangi, and a lot more than $1000 worth of damage. I mean, do we need to go over this again? He's a DOCTOR! You think he gives a shit about a measly grand? Absolutely not! Money means nothing when you have that root canal money.

Mannequins, on the other hand, they do mean something.

Especially when there's an important message to be made. 

The 62-year-old Clifton native tells The Post he “put masks on the faces of all the mannequins” to “raise social awareness” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

That right there is the ultimate gift. He's risking his safety with the possible return of Ms. Garden Sheers for the benefit of all mankind, so that we may understand just how important it is to wear masks during this pandemic. He's doing all of this for US. 

“Sometimes people are thinking it’s me against the world and I should get even with society [YIKES]; that’s not what it’s about,” says Gangi. 

Umm… Gangi, allow me to be clear. I do not believe you should get even with society because society is on your side; we need you. Both for social awareness of COVID-19 and for laughter, as you say. 

“You see something stupid on the lawn. It’s meant to make you laugh and forget your troubles. That’s all it was meant ever to do.”

Yes, of course, that's all it was meant to do! We know that now and we're laughing with you! 

And remember, no matter how many people ask, it is none of their business what you do with the mannequins the other 11 months out of the year.