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Eric Musselman Made A Video Mocking Fans That Mock Him And Honestly It Deserves At Least 10 Oscars

There might not be a coach in America better at social media than Eric Musselman. The guy doesn't give a shit what you think about his use of it, he's going to put out content. That's especially true when we're in the middle of a pandemic and there's no basketball to watch or in his case, coach. But this video? This is perfection. So many fans are dumb. He also hits the major buzz words for fans.

- We need some depth!

This one might be what 90% of fans scream having no idea what it means. You don't need depth. You don't need 10 guys like you think you do. Teams that win titles typically win with a rotation of 7-8. If you're playing your 9th man double digit minutes you're likely in trouble or you're running a platoon system. That's it. 

- Call a timeout! We need a TO! They are on a 2-0 run!

Yep. People fucking love calling for a coach to call a timeout. I have no idea why. Some of the greatest coaches in college hoops history had a rule of not calling a timeout just because of a run. They wanted their guys to play through it. I'd rather save my timeouts for end of game scenario or when dudes are winded and I don't want to sub. 

-The coach isn't wearing a suit and tie

This is just him straight up mocking fans that mock his look. Muss only coaches in a polo. I love that he does it and looks like a high school history teacher coaching JV hoops that's ready for a cocktail the moment the game ends. Who needs the expensive suit like Jay Wright when you can rock the free Arkansas polo each game? Dress comfortable, that's the way to live life. 

Just an all-around perfect video by Muss. Need more coaches to do this but make sure you hit the key buzz words your fans scream about you.