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BREAKING NEWS: Colin Kaepernick To The Jets!

***WHAT???!!! Can't click fast enough to get the details!***

You know, in that .02 seconds I saw "Kap to the Jets" trending, I thought, "Holy shit. People told him not to hold his breath but we're all out here holding our breaths every time the delivery man comes, so maybe now is the time. Crazier things have happened and are happening, why not this? Sure the NFL isn't making any moves right now, but logic isn't what's important in small moments of excitement/panic!"

Unfortunately, even with the world forever changed, Kaepernick is only heading back to the NFL in the parody universe. And for us, that means only fake sports news when we need it the most. 

I will, however, take comfort in the fact that maybe, just maybe, Roger Goodell saw it, didn't realize it was fake, freaked out, and immediately rushed to see what the fuck what was going on in his league. 

Good times.