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Jack Harlow Spittin FIRE On A Casual Thursday Afternoon

I'll be honest, I didn't know who Jack Harlow was until a couple months ago when THRU THE NIGHT came on during a random Spotify playlist I was listening to and I've been listening to him ever since. Not a day passes where I don't listen to THRU THE NIGHT or WALK IN THE PARK or WHATS POPPIN multiple times. I have no idea how famous he is but he's gotta be pretty damn famous because his WHATS POPPIN music video has a cool 27 MILLION views on YouTube in less than three months. All I know is I randomly discovered his music one day and I fucking love it. So yes I was excited to see him tweet out a clip of himself spitting liquid hot magma on a casual Thursday afternoon. I'm an absolute sucker for video clips of rappers doing nothing but standing in front of a microphone in a booth rapping. It's nothing short of amazing to me. It's why I lose my shit every time a rapper shows up on Sway In The Morning or Funk Flex and burns the building to the ground. It's the best.

I'm even more amazed when people I know (albeit very very very very very very talented people I know) can rap very well 

Anyway. Maybe this blog right here is your first time hearing Jack Harlow and you'll become a fan like I did, I hope that's the case.