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Thursday Afternoon Roof Talk - How Do Cranes Not Tip Over In Storms?

I'm officially addicted to thinking about cranes. And the thing is, I'd rather live in amazement of them than read about how they actually work. I mean these cranes are like 10,000 feet in the air and they just sit there...forever? It blows my mind. They are so tall and hanging over so many people in the city and we trust them not to fall. And they do a pretty good job of not falling for sure...but what about before they figured it out? Was it just trial and error? "Ah shit Johnson, another crane blew over today, wiped out a whole city block". The whole concept blows my mind. Eventually I'll crack and read into them but for now I feel like a kid just gleefully in amazement of these things and how they work. 

Same time, same roof tomorrow. Hopefully we get some sunshine.