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This Wright Thompson Masters Video Will Make You Cry


This video is perfectly done, which makes sense since it was done by Wright Thompson. If anyone is unfamiliar with Wright's work, I'd highly suggest you check it out. For my money, he's the best sportswriter of this generation. He's unbelievably talented — his article after the Cubs won the World Series is my favorite thing I've ever read in my life.

And today, on what should have been the opening round of The Masters alongside the Stanley Cup Playoffs and myriad other sporting events, we're here with nothing instead. No events with which we usually mark the passage of time or celebrate being alive, as Thompson put it.

I think this video is a perfect answer to anybody on Twitter who wants to show how morally upright they are by telling everyone how sports don't mean anything and anyone who dares to think about sports during this time is an asshole. Things like The Masters are what bring people together, which we could all use now more than ever.

I really hope the November Masters really comes to pass, because it's just another one of these things we've taken for granted that we surely won't after this year. Plus, what a weekend in the state of Georgia it could be if we really did get The Masters in Augusta, Tennessee—Georgia in Athens and Notre Dame—Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

It's ok to miss sports, because they are some of the most communal experiences we have in society. And without them, many people are left with a hole to fill in their lives. So I'm going to go watch this video about four more times and not full-on cry, but maybe have just a tear or two.