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Have We Been In Quarantine Long Enough Where We Can Stop Saying "Hope You're Doing Well" At The Start Of Every Communication?

First thing's first, I know this probably makes me sound like an asshole.

Second thing's second, this is purely out of selfish reasons because I'm tired of saying it. 

But have we reached the point where we can skip the pleasantries where we have to address the situation every time we talk to someone for the first time this has started? I think we have. I'm sure you're doing well, if you aren't then you won't reply to this text, but I just have a question about something for work. 

Thanksgiving has about a two week window of talking about it, Christmas and happy holidays have a bit of a longer foothold and they get about three weeks of shine, we've now surpassed both of those. Now it's just a way of life. It's implied. Consistently having to mention it is like starting every text, "hope you're staying warm!" all winter. "Boy... it's a hot one" all summer. I know. It's how the world works and I'm doing my best, we both know that, skip the long part and let's just get to the point.

Of course, if you're actually checking in on someone and truly care then it's fine and even encouraged. But if it's just something you feel like you have to say? Let's all agree we can skip it. I know you hope I'm staying safe, you need me to post an ad.

PS - When I went to that liquor store mentioned in the clip, I put my hood up (because I think that helps) and popped a mask and gloves on in the car right outside. I almost went in there and robbed the place just because it felt like the right thing to do. You ever put on a workout shirt and feel like it's a waste to just lay on the couch in? Think, "Huh, I'm dressed to workout maybe I should?" I came real close to not wanting to waste a robbery outfit.