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Kansas and Missouri Are Finally Reviving the Border War, the Best College Rivalry You've Forgotten About

Finally some sports news that doesn't suck.

This is great news for any college sports fan. The Border War between Missouri and Kansas was one of the best rivalries in college sports before it disappeared with Missouri's move to the SEC in 2012. While Kansas has not had much recent football success, the basketball rivalry was certainly one of the most entertaining in the country and the schools actually did play one of the most important college football games of the last 15 years in 2007.

No. 4 Missouri took down No. 2 Kansas 36-28 and cost the Jayhawks a shot at playing for a national championship — yes, in football.

This rivalry has not been mentioned alongside the greats in college sports in the past few years because of it s disappearance, but it is a rivalry truly filled with vitriol and I'm glad the schools have finally done something to bring it back. Despite what athletic directors will say, it is not hard to have a non-conference rivalry game. Georgia and Georgia Tech, Florida and Florida State, South Carolina and Clemson, Kentucky and Louisville and plenty of others all do it every year with no issues.

This is a game that should have never left the schedule, but hopefully this four-year series will be the beginning of it being back on the schedule for good. The next step needs to be reviving the basketball series as well, as that would have even more national attention and importance.

Now all we have to do is get Texas and Texas A&M to quit their bitching and we're really in business.