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CJ2K Accused In MULTIPLE Murder-For-Hires?!???

Happy Thursday.

What the hell is it with former NFL rushing champions and MURDER??? Are the initials CJ just cursed?? Does everyone just have Joe Exotica hiring hitman fever? What the hell is going on??

From TMZ:

Long story short, officials believe CJ2K rewarded a gang member with cash after the guy allegedly killed two men who were suspected of gunning down Johnson's friend in 2015.

Here's the backstory ... Johnson nearly died in a shooting in Orlando, Fla., back on March 8, 2015 ... when Orange County Sheriff officials say someone opened fire on a Jeep that Chris was in at around 4 AM.

Johnson suffered a bullet wound to his shoulder and made a full recovery ... but the driver of the vehicle, his friend, Dreekius Johnson, did not survive the attack.

In new court docs ... law enforcement officials say "intelligence gathered suggested [the shooting] was a gang related murder attempt on Chris Johnson."

Officials also say ... months later, a noted Florida gang member named Dominic Bolden shot and killed two men -- one on Jan. 19, 2016 and one on July 24, 2016 -- who were believed to be the shooters in the March 2015 incident.

Holy shit. You pay a running back ONE TIME and this is what happens? Chris Johnson got shot and instead of succumbing, he decided to play two more years in the NFL. But there's more!

In the court docs, officials claim an informant told them as a reward for Bolden's alleged actions … Chris helped the guy become a leader of a famed drug trafficking organization (DTO) in Florida.

The informant told officials that Johnson supplied Bolden "with funds and an individual who could continually supply Dominic Bolden with as much narcotics as needed to supply the DTO."

In the docs, 34-year-old Johnson is also accused of helping with day-to-day operations of the DTO … but court records show he has NOT been formally charged with any crimes.

So he's a hiring coordinator for a drug organization, but he also helps out on the day-to-day side? What a life! We should all be so lucky to have a life so interesting in retirement, sans the getting shot part.

How many football players do you realistically think are involved in some seedy underworld shit? Like 10%? 20%? We only hear about the ones that get caught, like this one and it happened in 2015. We hear about what former wide receivers for the Indianapolis Colts have been accused of, or dancing Ravens linebackers have beat chargers for but there's more that we don't remember. And even more that we never hear about! 

Remember when Jamal Lewis did federal time for helping a buddy buy coke? This was three months after he got drafted! Or what about Sam Hurd, you remember him? He's doing 15 years as we speak for trying to buy cocaine and weed to sell. I bet somebody that we least expect is an actual drug kingpin in the league right now. I can't wait until we find out that Andy Isabella or Gio Bernard is basically the Pablo Escobar of the NFL.