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BREAKING NEWS(By Big Cat To Me Via PMT) The SEC on CBS Theme Song Is Going Away In 2023. Definitive List Of Best Sports Theme Songs

I got up this morning in a good mood. The sun is shining. I fired up PMT for my morning walk with George and Dan Katz hit me with the news that CBS is losing SEC Football. Stopped me dead in my tracks. 

We have lost so much sports to Coronavirus. I didn't need to lose my favorite thing about Saturday as well. It's news I just can't stomach right now. I have no idea if I missed when the news broke or if my brain completely erased it as a defense mechanism. The SEC is moving to ESPN/ABC in the Fall of 2023. The SEC on CBS is essentially your saturday afternoon alarm clock. You doze off during the 2nd half of an overcast BigTen punt fest that kicked at 11AM and when that theme song kicks in so do you. You're up. Your order (more) food, crack a beer, maybe even watch it at a bar(10 years ago). That theme is like Pavlov's Dog for Saturdays in the fall. You just start eating and drinking and getting ready to lose money every time you hear it. Now, we are about to lose another one of the great sports themes songs. 

We'll start the list with the one we'd be hearing this weekend if not for this god damn pandemic

It's cliche to talk about Masters naps at this point, but those naps start with this song. In fact, there's an hour long youtube that is just the Masters Theme on repeat. If you're having trouble settling down at night, put it on your phone and it's like an audio melatonin. It comes on and your eyelids flicker and your heart flutters. You can't help but speak in hush tones as you wait for Jim Nantz to hit you with a kind and soft "hello, friends". 

Olympics on NBC

Powerful, iconic, and even a little bit regal. There's no fucking around when you hear this theme. You're not in a mood to drink or party when it comes on. You're getting ready to be amped up watching volleyball or swimming or USA Basketball beat the piss out of some country that Lebron could probably buy with the cash in his wallet. 

Monday Night Football On ABC

Old school Al Michaels, the end of John Madden's career, and names like Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, and Steve Young. Being in elementary school and hearing this song come on and hoping your parents would forget to tell you to go to bed because it was a school night. All-time theme song. 

CBS College Basketball Theme

Close your eyes, because you don't want to see your bank account. You just lost all your money on March Madness, but you don't really care that much. Can't believe we didn't get to hear this even one time this March. 

NFL On Fox

Pat Summeral is in your ears and there might be an injury on the field. It's cold outside, the Bears are about to lose again, but at leaset there's comfort in having football and no football theme gets your attention quite like this one. 


It might be 2AM and you're going into triple OT, but when this song hit after a commercial it was like a Monster energy drink being injected into your veins. I think NBC is a great partner for the NHL. They do a tremendous job, but I'd love for ESPN to get back in the mix just so we can have this song in our lives again. 

And the greatest of all time…NBA on NBC

The NBA was better in the 90s and you can't convince me otherwise. The stars were bigger. Jordan, Barkley, Shaq, David Robinson, Stockton, Malone, Olajuwon, those Hornets teams, Ewing. The League was just better and cooler and when you flipped on NBC on a weekend afternoon you knew you were in for a treat. It was a great time to be a basketball fan. 

The different leagues should just buy the rights to these theme songs and take them with them when they leave a particular network. I don't want to lose the SEC on CBS theme song. That needs to travel to ESPN. If ESPN is spending between $300 and $400 MILLION for the broadcast rights to the premier SEC game every week then they should ask for the rights to the theme song as a kicker. These are the best of the best in my opinion. If I left one off let me know.