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Apparently If You Take Care Of His Butt, Brad Pitt Will Personally Renovate Your House

NY POST - A longtime friend of almost 30 years, the A-lister admitted he and Jean Black are like “family,” and their bond grew even stronger after an embarrassing incident in the early ’90s.

When working on 1994’s “Legends of the Fall,” Black had to use cosmetics on Pitt’s butt to even out a tan line. “When it comes up, we can’t really look each other in the eye,” Pitt recalls.

Hang on. It's been 26 years since a professional makeup artist put makeup on his butt and the TWO of them are still embarrassed about it? Brad Pitt's shown his ass to the world, multiple times! And Jean Black, well she was lucky enough to have job whose actual duty was to even out the tan line of Baby Brad Pitt!

They were both just doing their jobs and now they won't look each other in the eye because of it? That's just plain silly. I know I would be professional enough to look him square in the eye after spending an extended period of time looking at his butt in order to perfectly match his orange-based skin. But that's probably why I wouldn't get a free renovation as a long-awaited thank you. 

The 56-year-old’s cheeky confession came during Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest HGTV show, “Celebrity IOU,” where the homey twins help stars give back to the non-famous people in their lives with a surprise home renovation.

Pitt wanted to give back to Black, who works with other high-end clients like Julia Roberts and Josh Brolin — although Pitt claims he is her favorite.

“She’s family, we’re like brother and sister,” the actor says in his episode, which airs April 13. “She’s been that person I value so much in my life.”

Ok. This is incredibly sweet and now I feel like a pervert. Damn it, Brad Pitt. 

When Black went away for three weeks, Pitt and the Scott brothers got to work remodeling her Santa Monica, Calif., stand-alone garage into a guest suite with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, makeup studio and storage unit.

So not only is Pitt paying for this renovation - an act which anyone with money can do - he's also working with his hands and putting his blood, sweat, and prob tears into the project. 

Pitt was enamored at the final result. “It was such a s - - t box, this is amazing. It’s fantastic,” he says. “I’ve been waiting so long to see something happen to this dump.”

When the three men surprised Black, she was equally shocked. “I’m really just so flabbergasted,” she says. “It’s really very moving and I just so appreciate it… I know Brad’s generosity, it’s huge,” she continues. “But for him to do this, it’s really more than I ever thought could happen. I am so touched by this, I could really not thank you enough.”

Aw, the perfect story of appreciation and gratitude. Pitt thanks the woman responsible for making him look good all these years. (Who knows, maybe he's secretly hideous and she's the reason he looks good? He's gotta be this grateful for a reason, right?) And Ms. Black? Well, not only does she get paid to further perfect Pitt's butt, but now she gets a home renovation courtesy of Mr. Pitt and his hammer skills. 

I'd take Brad Pitt over The Property Brothers any day, but I'll still tune into this show for the feel-good theme.