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DANNY GREEN BOMB: NBA Is Going To Salvage The Season By Any Means Necessary, 'Probably Going To Start Mid/Late-May'

Fuck yes. Give me any sort of news like this. Why? It's not just Danny Green talking out of his ass. This is in reference to a call with Michele Roberts - the head of the NBPA. This isn't a random interview, this isn't him speaking without any sort of knowledge. So with that in mind and it being Masters Thursday, I gave a Tiger-esque fist bump in my recliner. 

I've said it before, but right now it's all about a glimmer of hope for me. That's what I'm hanging on to for any sport. We got that with golf earlier this year saying it will be mid-June starting with the Memorial. Coach Cal said he's confident in college hoops starting in November. 

He also gets into the ripple effect that people keep forgetting about. If the season starts with a delay and runs to August, will they push back the calendar? That's actually what I'm fascinated in - because I've actually accepted that the season is going to be canceled and just taking any hoops as a pleasant surprise. Still think what makes the most sense (if hoops is played again) is having them play all in the same location and living in that 'bubble.' Obviously no fans would be allowed into games but you need to limit the amount of people that are in contact with each other, assuming the NBA decides to go ahead and play games. 

We are exactly 4 weeks removed from college hoops being canceled. Last night marked 4 weeks to the day of Rudy Gobert testing positive for coronavirus and shutting down sports as we know it. This sort of thing is giving me life. It's all I can think about as I re-watch the same shit for the 40th time. I 100% understand we need to make sure it's safe for the players, coaches, workers, etc, but I would do anything to see basketball in mid-May. I can survive another month with a glimmer of hope.