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Isolation Night Owl Bloggin' - Ariana Grande As The Waterboy's Bobby Boucher

Top of the mornin' to my fellow night owls. On the docket for this evening:

Now that's what I call high quality acting.


Joan, Ariana Grande's mom - Mama Boucher

Elizabeth Gillies - Vicki

Ariana Grande - Bobby Boucher

If you want to compare, the scene they're re-enacting starts here at 00:26:

I stumbled upon Ariana's tweet about 20 minutes ago as I pondered what to do for my Night Owl blog. Seeing as I'm a fan I decided now would be a good time since I haven't had the chance to write about her since ButtholeEyesGate

 (BTW, it still kills me that this is what pops up when you Google those words and it's all thanks to the wondrous mind of Chaps, who is to blogging what Willy Wonka is to candy.)

Anyways, well done to Ariana and her squad for a great reenactment of a fantastic cinema masterpiece. If you don't like it something's wrong with your medulla oblongata. 

It seems like us gals just have a knack for this stuff. 

Anyways, it's 3:30am and I am WIRED. I feel like I've been on my laptop since 10am yesterday and somehow have nothing worthwhile to show for it. 

I did a livestream counting vehicles that went by my apartment.. (120 today) but it wasn't blog-worthy:

I accidentally double-blogged Jordie because I'm awesome at my job:

I posted a selfie where I pretended I was just goofin' when it was really just an obvious, sad attempt to get likes because I felt like I was lookin' spicy (for me). And let's be honest, I put the Instagram story "Paris" smoothing filter on this sucker:

And now I'm still awake & finishing writing Friday's episode of ZeroBlog30 that we'll record around :: checks watch :: 11:30am today. Speaking of, we have new shirts out:

Not gonna lie, I worry about not doing enough or getting creatively stagnant sitting in my apartment. My white board looks like Charlie Kelly is using it to solve a mystery, I am literally pacing across my room for parts of the day just trying to think, I'm scouring the interwebs and the rolodex of useless fuckery in my mind for inspiration hoping for some magic idea… and most days when I finally lay down I feel like I wasted a lot of time on stupid things…….

But that's ok. Tomorrow night is a new opportunity to come up with the idea that will blow everyone's minds. Until then I just gotta take our new shirt's advice and embrace the suck.