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Wimbledon Has Been Paying Pandemic Insurance For The Last 17 Years And Is Cashing In On a $141 Million Payout Because Of Coronavirus

For the last 17 years the old geezers who run things over at Wimbledon have wondered why they've been dropping $2 million a year on pandemic insurance. You know much tea and crumpets you can get with $2 million?  Wimbledon hasn't been cancelled since World War II. Everyday the cool guys in marketing who get to deal with Federer, Serena, Djokovic, etc get to chirp Bob in insurance because he thinks there's going to be some crazy pandemic that shuts down all the sports in the world one day. Fucking Crazy Bob. 

Well because of Bob the folks over at the All England Club spent $34 million on pandemic insurance since 2003. Wait let's double check that math with Rovell real quick up top. 17 times 2. Double the 7, carry the four, double the 2, add it together, yup 34 checks out thanks Darren "Calculus" Rovell.  Moving on...

The moment SARS happened Bob put his foot down and refused to be ill-prepared for the next time a guy ate a bat for shits n' gigs. Would have been nice if maybe the United States as a whole had the same thinking, but who am I to suggest such a thing? 

Last week that motherfucker Bob got to tell the world I told you so. No more will he be chirped at the water cooler for his crazy prophecy. Wimbledon will be receiving a whopping $141 million policy payout because of his pandemic insurance claim. Makes sense now that they just flat out cancelled the tournament rather than postponing it like the French Open did. Weird that a tournament originally starting in May would get delayed, but the one in July gets completely called off. Very interesting....

Live look at Bob the next time Wimbledon opens their doors. 

This guy is about to be the most insufferable person to work with for the rest of time. He doesn't have to do a single thing to prove his worth moving forward. His idea 17 years ago saved the tournament $107 million in 2020. Now I don't think Wimbledon is profiting over the coronavirus with this money, but they're definitely getting back what they would have lost with no tennis happening in July. 

On the flip side, tough day for the people who created this insurance in the first place. They really thought they were pulling a fast one on the Wimbledon folk. All I picture is the insurance company signing this deal 17 years ago and laughing at the thought this ever gets used, just like they did in the Big Short when Michael Burry bets against the housing market. 

We've got a lot of conspiracy theories flying around these days and Wimbledon creating the virus has to sit right at the top for now. It was already going to be a question mark if their golden boy Federer was even going to play as he recovers from knee surgery. Maybe to save ratings they just pulled the plug on the whole planet. This is England we're talking about here, they're out of their goddamn minds. 

Well, on a more positive note to conclude the blog here's Federer's top 10 points from Wimbledon last year!