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Kevin Garnett Wants To Buy The Sonics ... A Team That Doesn't Exist

[Source] - “If I have a dream, I would say that I would love to give be able to go and buy the Seattle SuperSonics and reactivate the Pacific Northwest,” Garnett said. “Seattle was huge to our league. I would love to be able to do that. That’s what’s up. If there’s one thing I could do tomorrow, it would be that.”

Well it looks like Seattle is going to get the Sonics soon. Who is going to tell Kevin Garnett no? I'd assume if you tell him no, he just starts screaming at you like a 7' lunatic. But here's the problem. The Sonics don't exist. He says that he wants to go buy the Seattle SuperSonics, so I assume he's just going to go buy the Thunder. 

I'm all for Seattle getting a team again. There are some franchises that need to move or we need expansion at some point. Why not? We have more talent across the world than ever and guys coming over to play in the US. Shit, we reportedly almost had Memphis moving not too long ago

I still think that Memphis moving to Louisville makes the most sense in the world. They almost ended up there to begin with and just going from Memphis to Louisville makes sense. Just expand a team to Seattle at some point. We need the Sonics back in our lives, but only in this jersey: 

Imagine that team led by Garnett. It would be absolutely amazing, especially any time they play Minnesota. He already fucking hates Glen Taylor, I'd love ot see how trade talks or anything like that would go with those two franchises. I need him getting nothing but ex-players out there too. Bring in guys for the front office, coaching staff, just make this the former NBA team.