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In Honor Of National Beer Day (yesterday) Here's Conan O'Brien Getting Shit-Faced At The Sam Adams Brewery

Hand up- I forgot to blog this yesterday and for that, I apologize. We had a bunch of stuff going on with Breakfast and I lost track of time/had a horrible case of the runs that left me both scatterbrained and dehydrated. It's not an excuse, but it's the truth. Which is I'm blogging it today. National beer day only comes around once a year and, well, I don't feel waiting another 364 days to get this up so here you go:


Jim: Want me to show you what's going on here? 

Conan: I really don't. 

Spoken like a true man of the people. No one actually cares how beer is made as long as it taste good. Happy day after National Beer Day, friends. Enjoy a cold one for me.