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I'm growing my mullet back like it's 1982!

Back in the day a lot of my friends had mullets, wore cheap aviator sunglasses and black high tops. It was inexpensive cool and there was nothing more important to us.

As I got older I ditched the mullet for a more conservative haircut. Well, that's all about to change!

Since I won't be getting a haircut anytime soon, I'm growing my mullet back. I've got a long way to go, but now that corona's in town, what's the hurry?

It was one week ago today that I posted the pic of a 'Young Vindog" with a sweet mullet. It even got the attention of Mullet Aficionado, Dana B.  

I'll be posting progress pics until it's the full, raging mullet it used to be. Who knows what Vindog's Mullet circa 2020 will be like. 

Here's week 1: