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People Are Getting Real Stupid With Their Baby Names

There's nothing I'd rather do right now than forget this all ever happened and never hear the words 'Coronavirus' or 'COVID'  again.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way.  The idiots below feel the opposite way.  

While people are sadly being infected worldwide, it's important to think about the medical professionals that are not only fighting the virus on the front lines but also still performing the everyday tasks of their specialized fields.  Specifically here, obstetricians, the doctors who deliver babies, are still working to bring life into this fucked up world.  Hats off to 'em.  

For the parents giving birth, on the other hand, they deserve a little shaming...

An expecting mother in India arrived at a hospital in the city of Raipur on March 27th, just three days into India's lockdown, where she was to give birth to fraternal twins.  The boy and girl were born healthy after "facing several difficulties," the mother Preeti Verma said, and because of that struggle, her husband felt it was appropriate to name his newborns Corona and Covid.  Apparently, the names started as a joke among hospital staff but really grew on the couple.  Outrageous.  

As @HardFactorPat points out on today's episode, whichever child is named Covid would be an idiot not to wear number 19 in whatever sport they play... Cricket's huge there.  Are there numbers on those country-club-like sweaters they wear? Hope so. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there and I really hope this doesn't turn into the latest trend.  Especially for those people doing nothin' but fuckin' during the Lockdown that'll give birth to the Corona-baby generation.  

...Are you fucking kidding me...? 

Just wait until these kids grow up and they're handed an American history textbook and get to the chapter on the virus.  I'm sure that'll make middle school a whole lot easier.  Good luck to 'em.

If you're expecting a child soon, don't do this. Please. I beg of you.  

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