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April 8th Workout: Full Body and Cardio

I gotta be honest people I feel amazing. I may be sore as hell and walking round like I have a telephone pole stuffed up my ass sideways but I've never felt better. I'm starting to feel the groove and get in a little bit of a rhythm and it feels great. When I weighed myself Sunday before I started exercising and dieting my scale at home was not able to weigh me. After 329.5 pounds it says "Error" so all I know is I was above that. I figure I was hovering right around 330-332 because when I weighed myself this morning I was 327 lbs. In only two days I've lost a minimum of three pounds. Even though I know as I lose more weight and progress the weight won't fly off me like it is now, it still feels good to see small results so early. It's what's continuing to motivate me to work hard to push myself when I'm working out and be disciplined with my eating habits. Here's todays workout:

10 Renegade Rows x 3 sets

10 Up & Down Planks x 3 sets

45 second YTW x 3 sets (3 pulses in each position)

10 Bicep Curls x 3 sets

10 Dead Lifts x 3 sets

45 second Plank Walks x 3 sets

10 Lawn Mowers (each arm) x 3 sets

10 Lateral Raises x 3 sets

10 Shrugs x 3 sets

2.5 Mile Walk/Run