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Zoom Meetings Don't Get Anymore Tuff Than This Squad Of Savages

Okay so no offense to Jonathan, Dubs and Grady but...well I needed this to be a strictly bulldogs only zoom meeting. Maybe throw Uga into the mix and turn this thing into a real party. I don't know if that is doggy racism or not but it's the truth. We don't need these huskies in here talking about how they've been going on runs during their quarantine so far when we've got Griff and Griff II just crushing treats and naps. Hell, it looks like they're about one more story from Grady the Greyhound away from dozing off right there. But either way, what a squad. 

And how about Handsome Dan just being suave as fuck in that leather chair? Out of all the bulldog mascots, I feel like quarantine is hitting the Handsome one the hardest. Buddy is an absolute weapon. As far as bulldogs go, the man has a motor on him and he's jacked. You don't rip off the sleeves of your sweatshirt like that unless you've got a couple of pythons to show off. I've been trying to set my girl Maizie up with Handsome Dan for a couple years now, maybe she'll just have to slide in to the Zoom DMs this week. 

Sidenote: What's the O/u on the amount of farts ripped during this Zoom meeting?  22.5? Still smashing the over.