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I'm Very Disappointed In The Full House Crew Leaving Out Aunt Becky In Their "Full Quarantine" Video

This was a great feel-good video from the Full House crew. Nice to see they are all doing well. I grew up on this crew. Every day on TBS at 11:30 AM I believe. Maybe it was 12:00 PM? I could be wrong. It was on every day and then followed by Family Matters. Two great shows. 

If you watch the video there are three characters missing. The Olsen Twins are god knows where so that makes sense, but no Aunt Becky? Really? I know the whole Varsity Blues scandal thing, but not including her in this makes me sad. I thought families were supposed to stick together through thick and thin. And YES that includes when you fake your daughter as a rower in order to get her into USC. 

Speaking of Aunt Becky, it looks like she's going to be a free woman very soon: