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A Completely Unimpressive Hand-Cranked Drill Is Taking Instagram By Storm

I’ve been in the blog game for a while now so I’ve seen my fair share of internet viral love. I’ve seen things that I don’t understand but never to this level. This hand-cranked drill is everywhere. Almost all the viral meme accounts have picked it up. But why? The holes aren’t even that big.

This dude is cranking and cranking and cranking and he’s only got 3 little holes to show for it? Big fucking deal. I’ve seen big holes in baby whales’ heads. I’ve seen bigger holes in donuts. I’ve seen big holes in the mirror when I’m using with the promo code zero to shave my unmentionables.

Overall, don’t bother with this video. It’s simply not worthy of the Instagram views and its definitely not blog worthy. This video? Not James. Not worthy.