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Making Sweet Sorghum Syrup Isn't As Difficult As You Thought: Dont Believe Me? Just Ask My Guy Buster

What I wouldn't do to be out with ole Buster in the fields of North Carolina right now. Just me and Buster chillin in the truck (a 1992 F-250 with a door that's a different color than the rest of the truck. Hell, as long as it closes it's fine by me) and headed back out to the sorghum garden to cut some delicious sorghum which we would have our horse grid into a liquid. We'd be smoking cigs too. Heaters, we'd call em. We'd smoke em while leaning up against the truck and talkin about the good ole days. They'd be handrolled heaters. No doubt about that. The good ole days, lest we forget, and when we could walk into town and not have to worry about social distancing. God damn, liberals. Bringing in their viruses from god knows where. Probably New York City. Fuckin Yankees.  

Enough about that. Can't talk about that too long cause it makes me hotter than a rat in a tinfoil hat on the roof of a Mississippi River steamboat. The sorghum is coming in nice this year which will be great because more people are staying at home and makin them sweet dutch baby pancakes again. You know the ones. Those weird thick ass pancakes that go in a cast iron pan. The Dutch. Boy I tell ya. Those bike ridin ninnies are something else. Google it if you don't know. I don't have the time right now to explain it. I actually work for a damn livin. 

Buster is waiting for me in the truck and he's already honked twice. He honks a third time and my ass is grass. This syrup dont make itself. I gotta do a run to the store as well. Gotta pick up some mason jars. Where else we gonna store all this syrup? It'll be a curbside delivery. They'll place it in the back of the truck. Don't you worry. I swear, sometimes you city slickers think we are just a bunch of idiots out here in the hills with nothing but syrup and a pot to piss in. Aint the case. I wish I could socially distance from you social media addicted sissies for the rest of my sugary-sweet syrupy life. 

Yall know I'm just kiddin. I don't mind you city boys. You overpay for the syrup and that's just fine with Buster and me lmao.