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Coronavirus Has People Saying Crazy Things... Stephen A. Smith Temporarily OK With (Legal) WEED

We’re on Day 94 of quarantine. I don’t remember what fresh air taste like. Toilet paper has been replaced by pine cones. I’ve been trying to hold on to the last remaining fibers of the society we once knew and loved but after this tweet from Stephen A. it’s clear we’ve screamed past our collective breaking point. The world we knew is merely a memory fading faster by the second and I’m losing hope that we’ll ever return to normalcy. You see certain signs and start to realize the end times really might be upon us. Like when all those animals sprinted for higher grounds days before that tsunami hit India a few years back, that was this Stephen A. tweet for me. If a man is willing to amend or break his code, the very code which has guided him his entire life, then what else is there to believe any more? Are times so bleak that he’d settle for a woman of slender frame, no booty, leg or hip in which to speak? I pray not, but these are questions that need to be asked during this period of great uncertainty. If you weren’t taking this whole global pandemic seriously by now maybe this will pierce your skull and hammer home what kind of monster we’re facing right now.