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Woman In New Zealand Cuts Her Hair With A Bread Knife: It Goes About As Well As You'd Expect

I gotta say, this doesnt look too bad! I think she cleaned up rather well if I'm being totally honest. Being in your house with a haircut needed is one of the worst things in the world. You walk by mirrors all the time and just long for your locks to be trimmed as a turkey on Thanksgiving. But, the shops are closed so you must take matters into your own hands. In your hands? A bread knife. Now, a bread knife, as you know, is not ideal for trimming hair. There's a reason that long time stoolie and hair dresser of the stars Paul Mitchell uses scissors. They are simply better than a bread knife for cutting. 

You know this in your heart but your heart longs for shorter hair and amazon is making non-essential items ship slower. Sadly, hair scissors are considered non-essential. 

Me? I would have gone with either a filet knife or a paring knife. The things you can do with either of those would be far greater than a bread knife. But, considering the tools, I think her hair looks great. I'd give it 3.8 Balls. 

Before I let you go, here are some of those filet knife skills I was talking about.