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We Ran Out Of Adoptable Dogs For The First Time Ever

WGN — Chicago Animal Care and Control has run out of adoptable dogs for the first time in its history during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last two available dogs, Penn and Alley, were adopted Sunday, according to CACC.

“This will change and new dogs will be available depending on what comes in, but we just wanted to thank everyone who stepped up to adopt over the last few weeks. We are amazed at the outpouring of people wanting to help during this time,” CACC said in a Facebook post.

CACC still has dogs at their facility, but since they can’t perform spay and neuter surgeries due to COVID-19 restrictions from the city they can’t be adopted from the shelter.

I woke up today craving good news and I'm not entirely sure if this is it. On one hand, everyone's adopting all the dogs and there's no more dogs to adopt and that makes me happy because all the dogs have a home. On the other hand, imagine walking in the CACC and looking to adopt a dog during quarantine and they're like NOPE WE HAVE NO DOGS YOU CAME TOO LATE AND NOW YOU'RE GOING TO DIE ALONEJust thinking about that body blow makes me want to curl up into a little ball and die. Of all the times you could have adopted a dog, you waited until there were literally no more dogs. My heart aches for you. 

Gun to my head though you have to take the good news that all these dogs are in homes because that means the supply of good hearted people is still in tact. Like yeah it fucking blows I'm listening to 6 hours of my wife's conference calls every day. It fucking blows I have mid 3-digits worth of square footage and a collapsing couch from IKEA and bunch of other generally dilapidated furniture. But I also have my dog Scottie Puppen and 4 dozen cold ones symmetrically aligned on the bottom rack of the fridge. So while quarantine blows, I can first hand attest that a dog and a couple beverages will take it to the next level. 

And while CACC might be out of dogs, here's a bunch of places in Chicago that aren't 


Chicago Canine Rescue

One Tail

Wright-Way Rescue (where I got Scottie) 

Anti-Cruelty Society