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The Falcons' New Uniforms Don't Suck — Except For the One That Does

So just as soon as the Buccaneers get rid of their XFL uniforms and go back to a respectable look, the Falcons take over the mantle of the wildest uniforms in the NFC South and probably the NFL.

I had been looking forward to the new uniforms for the better part of a year just because something new and fresh is always fun. Well boy, did they certainly go new and fresh. I'm still not entirely sure what my overall impression of the entire set is, because I definitely have thought on different parts ranging from love to hate.

The throwback uniform stayed exactly the same and remains an A+. The return of black pants is great and a new full black unofrm set is an awesome return to the early 2000s. The new matte helmet and silver facemask is fantastic and probably the best single piece of the entire reveal. The white uniform is fine — not great, not horrible.

If they had stopped there, it still has a bit of an Arena League feel to it, but I would have gotten used to it after a few games and moved on. But then someone decided to make that red jersey.

The red jersey with a black gradient on the bottom takes these new uniforms from about a B with its omission to a C- with its inclusion. It's horrible. The fact that there are two black jerseys seems to lend itself to the assumption that the new black uniform will be the primary home inform with the red and throwback as alternates, which I really hope is the case. The moment the Falcons take the field wearing that jersey, it will be a social media nightmare.

On the whole, I think they're fine. In the age of social media, you'd have to do a perfect job to get any sort of consensus approval, but aside from the red, these aren't the worst things I've ever seen. Just throw the red jersey in the trash and we can all work with the rest.