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The NHL Playoffs Were Supposed To Start Today, Here Are The Best Hockey Night In Canada Playoff Montages To Get You Through

This tweet hit me like a ton of bricks. I love hockey 365, but I wait all year for the playoffs. There's nothing like it. I can, I guess, get by without March Madness. I love opening day, but I don't really dive into baseball until June. I need the NHL playoffs though. I need the double headers going on both TVs. I need the coffee brewing deep into the night because a West Coast game just went into double overtime. I need the rush. The passion. All of the intensity. I mark my calendar by sports and Spring can't really start unless the NHL playoffs are going. This one...this one hurts the most. The Opening Montage put together every year by Hockey Night In Canada is a drug. I don't know if we are getting one this year, so here is the best from years gone by.