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INVESTIGATION: How Does A Soccer Star Get Stuck In A New Relationship Rumor With A Pop Star During A Global Pandemic?

So I was making my typical rounds on the Internet this morning checking for things happening to blog. You throw a 'stunning pop star' headline in my face I'm going to click, because it's an easy blog with everyone horny as hell sitting at home. Horny = pageviews. 

But it got me thinking. How the hell does a soccer star end up in a rumor about a new relationship during a global pandemic? Not even just a pandemic, a stay-at-home quarantine time of our lives. So I started to research. How did I do my research my ask? Instagram: 

Every investigation needs a conclusion, so let's get into it. She's fucking hot. She's the definition of a stunning pop star. That's exactly how you get into a quarantined relationship rumor and I don't blame him one bit. Plus she can entertain you with some fire jams. This beat is kind of a banger, not going to lie: 

To sum up: this investigation was a ploy just to get you to click on the blog, show some smoke pictures, play a fire jam and say this is EXACTLY how a famous quarantine relationship rumor starts. Congrats to the happy couple. But please play soccer again soon and end this coronavirus. I miss sports.