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Isolation Night Owl Bloggin' - World's Worst Magic Show (Mine)

Greetings fellow night owls. Buckle up and set reality aside because tonight we're talkin'..... 

Every night between 6:30 - 7:30pm I livestream on Periscope and lately I've been running out of ideas. There's been painting, counting trains and cars, spa night... but tonight (last night?) as the time approached all of those activities seemed tired to me. I needed something to bring a little magic back into it...

Hmm... why of course... magic

Even Joe Exotic had a magic show... If he could do it, I could do it. So I hopped on YouTube and started looking up tutorials. By the time I was live on Periscope I had five tricks down enough that all 14 of the viewers were wowed by my prowess. They were so interested they even asked me things like, "Who are you and why are you doing this?"

After that was over I kept practicing and put a couple tricks on my Insta story & Twitter and they did ok, but they still weren't up to par. Since I'm up until sunrise every night I decided to really nail it and do a full video edited in the illustrious cell phone app 'iMovie'. That would be tonight's Night Owl post. Something incredibly stupid for sleepless people to roast.  

You may want to exit this early because it's cringeworthy, but if you wait until the very end you can hear my rickety old knee crack as I disappear. Oooo, ahhh! 

Bonus: Here's some other totally unrelated garbage I did tonight since I'm wide awake: