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Well, This Is Going To Get Weird - Jay Wright Is Telling His Players Don't Expect The NBA Draft To Be Until August Or September

Well, fuck. On one hand things like a Draft seemed to be giving us some hope and distraction from no sports on our television. Obviously we are about to have the NFL Draft held virtually which is going to lead to Mike Zimmer having to learn technology. At the same time, the NBA Draft - slated for the end of June is something I love. You combine college hoops, drafting and the NBA plus some conspiracy theories and you have my full undivided attention. And it should be said that this isn't definite or anything like that - just what Jay Wright is telling his players. 

This year's draft is going to be weird regardless considering this is the mandate the NBA put out to teams: 

I'm actually fascinated by this side of the Draft. How many times do we hear that teams fell in love with a prospect because of a workout against a chair (shout out Yi Jianlian)? Now you're limited to just watching tape. On one side this should actually help teams by protecting themselves. Just watch how dudes play in the game you're drafting them for - not how fast they can they run, etc.

But back to the timing here. This is going to be a complete ripple effect on college hoops too. If players don't have to make a decision until July or August what the hell happens with recruiting? We have freshmen and grad transfers that will be on campus (assuming we're not in quarantine) at that time. Guys typically come to campus over the summer and start some work outs and take summer classes. 

Not to mention if this ends up being true, it just shows the NBA calendar is about to be completely different. There have been a million reports about the NBA possibly starting next season on Christmas and going through the summer so they don't have to compete with football as much. It makes sense from the NBA side, but from the college side it's real weird. Are seniors and guys who declare supposed to just hang out for a few months without playing basketball? Do they do next year's draft at the end of June like normal, but in the middle of the season? 

I just want life to be back to normal. I want the NBA Draft at the end of June so I can sit there with the Mickstape boys, Rone, Marty and Jeff D. Lowe for the 3rd year in a row to do a show with some ridiculous skits. I want to make fun of the first reach pick. I want to scream about a guy like Aaron Holiday falling. 

PS: Saddiq Bey is going to be so damn good in the NBA. He's 100% going to be the guy that gets picked a few spots too late (late teens/20s) and ends up All-Rookie team. Called it since January. The dude is exactly what you want from an NBA standpoint. Can really shoot the hell out of the ball, good size, can handle it, good defender. Also it's just about time to start trusting Nova wings/guards as guys that are going to stick in the league. 

PPS: If Jeremiah Robinson-Earl elects to come back to Nova, there's a good chance they are your consensus No. 1 team in the preseason. 

Unprecedented PS x3: Jay Wright having a beard and still looking like GQ Jay is fucking unfair.