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Wake Up With Cal Ripken Jr's Monster Home Run From 2,131

The four letter network was showing the replay of Cal Ripken Jr's record breaking 2,131 game last night and it was awesome. That's all I can really say, it was fucking awesome. I remember that being one of my earliest baseball memories, but I also realized a lot of readers and people on twitter had no recollection of it happening. I texted my dad and was saying how I wish I had been a little older for it because I didn't understand the magnitude of the streak and what it did for the game of baseball. Fans were still mad about the strike in 1994 and losing the World Series, they needed something. They got their wish. The replay last night showed President Clinton in the booth basically calling the game with Jon Miller and Buck Martinez in the 4th as Cal steps to the plate. 3-0 count and Ripken absolutely unloaded on this pitch. Sent it deeeeep into the night. Couldn't script this. 3rd homer in his last 3 games, he had a flair for the dramatics. Clinton, the US PRESIDENT IS IN THE BOOTH SCREAMING FOR THE BALL TO GO OUT! What a moment. I also heard Tim Kurkjian say yesterday that for Cal's famous lap around Camden Yards, Bobby Bonilla and Raffy Palmiero pushed him out of the dugout at 9:31 PM, also known as 21:31 in military time. So cool.