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Amy Cole Would Actually Strike You Out

Fastball. Slider. Fastball. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. Amy Cole is a PROBLEM on the mound. That fastball had some serious zip to it and the slide piece was nasty. Also, Amy giving Gerrit the glove sign of what she was throwing made it move. 

Oh she's pregnant by the way so you can add 10 mph to everything you're seeing here. What a woman. I'm thinking 6 years $200 million as a starting offer if I'm Cashman. This whole quarantine Gerrit has been training Amy to join the rotation and I don't hate it one bit. You can't convince me JA Happ can give us a better 3 pitch sequence. All this hype started when Boone filmed them in their back yard having a toss. The foot work, the arm slot, the velocity, it's all there and it's all perfect. 

That's just marriage goals. I will never find someone who makes me that happy. No better couple in America. When Gerrit retires from baseball these two should just run for president and save this country. 

Cole. Cole.  2032