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If You're A Hockey Fan You've Got To Watch The Secret Life Of Bobby Ryan

Bobby Ryan was the feel good story of the year in the NHL this season. Ryan entered the NHL/NHLPA assistance program in November for alcohol abuse then returned to the Senators lineup in February, scoring a hat trick in his first game back in Ottawa. So when I came across a video named "The Secret Life of Bobby Ryan" on Sportsnet, I figured this documentary was likely going to be about this past season and his quest back from missing time with the Senators and boy was I wrong.

Bobby Ryan, who was born as Robert Stevenson, lived an insane life as a kid. Bobby's dad was arrested for brutally beating his mother when Bobby was a kid and instead of going to jail his dad skipped bail and moved to California. Bobby and his mom eventually joined him in California where they then changed their last name from Stevenson to Ryan. So as Bobby Ryan rose through the ranks of American hockey, he was basically playing under a fake name. The time then came where his dad got caught and he was offered to change his name back to Stevenson and he said no. Just an all around crazy story for the 2005 2nd overall pick.