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You Can Only Choose 3 Of These Fast Food Resturants....Who You Going With?

Okay. Let's do this by process of elimination. 

5. Subway

See ya. This was almost too easy. Subway is the ultimate "ah fuck it, I guess I'll go there" fast food place of all time. 

7. Arby's 

I don't think I've had Arby's enough to call it good or bad. I just can't see myself liking it. Kind of hard to go seek it out right now considering the quarantine, but when it's over I'm going to give Arby's a test drive a few times. 

9. Panda Express

Maybe it's because I live in NYC, but I can get 10x better Chinese food anywhere else. I've only had Panda Express in a Maine mall and an airport. Was it bad? No. Was it phenomenal? No. 

1. Taco Bell

Here's a take: Taco Bell is overrated. 

Every time I have gone to Taco Bell, I have thought to myself, "fuck, I should've just went to McDonalds instead." 

4. Burger King

I don't have a particular hate for Burger King. I think it's pretty good. I just like McDonalds more. That's what it comes down too. 

We are down to the remaining 4 of Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, McDonalds, and Wendy's. I'm going with the final elimination of Wendy's. It was a hard choice, but I like my 3 of Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and McDondalds.