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Which Yankees Quarantine House Would You Want To Live In?

Okay everyone is doing their own version of the quarantine houses so we made one for the Yankees naturally. I split it up as best as I can with current and past players to make it hard. Who would you want to hang with while the world shuts down? 

The best options are clearly House 1 and House 4 in my mind. With House 1 you get Tommy Kahnle, which is more than enough. I could just send the reasoning right then and there. It'll be non stop madness in this house with zero boredom. He's in there with his boys Britton and Green which we learned he loves to fuck with during spring training. It's also being narrated by John Sterling in the background as well. You can go nuts with Kahnle as well as sit back and relax to the voice of John Sterling as you fall asleep. Rock solid quarantine house that could result in Britton murdering everyone. 

House 4 is the winner though. You've got Voit, Ford, Swisher, Holder, and Paxton. I had to throw Paxton in here because they needed an adult to keep some kind of order in place. The other four would just be on a bender the entire time. Holder and Voit are boys so he'd fit right in here. If you had a liver going into this you won't coming out. There will be a trip to the liquor and grocery store every single day made by Ford because the vets would just bully him. 

House 2 has some big time names with Judge and Jeter, but you have to wonder if they'd get a little boring at times. If you're looking for a super relaxed mood that would be the choice for you. If you can get Judge and Jeter going though this is a prime time house. 

I think House 8 is a gigantic sleeper. You will have absolutely no idea what is being talked about the entire time unless you speak Spanish, but it's going to be a rager 24/7. Plus you get Bernie Williams on the guitar putting a smile on everyone's faces during the rough times. Just good times going on in House 8. 

House 7 won't be picked by many, but who doesn't love them some Paul O'Neill? He may lose his mind with the young kids around, but I think it'd be a blast. 

If you want to just learn about the game of baseball and nothing else you have no option but House 5. Cole paired with his idol Any Pettitte and his neighbor Ottavino. Nevin would be a loose cannon and DJ would study film the entire time. You'd come out of quarantine a baseball savant. 

Pick your house, a few of the guys have already chimed in on the Insta.