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'We're Going To Be Kentucky, We'll Be Fine' - Don't You Dare Question Coach Cal On Kentucky's Talent Next Season

[Source] - But add the Wildcats' six 2020 fall signees and that's just eight scholarship players on the entire roster, seven of which will have never even seen a single, solitary second on a collegiate court.

When asked about that Monday, Calipari, who's grown accustomed to starting from scratch, seemed unbothered by it.

"We're going to be Kentucky," Calipari quipped. "We'll be fine."

Does that look like a guy who is fucking worried about players declaring for the NBA Draft? Hell no. Why would he? You're an absolute idiot to question Kentucky being in contention to win a title every year. It's as much of a guarantee as Spiral Ham not winning a race. Kentucky is going to compete for a title every single year whether you like it or not. 

I know next year's team was supposed to be the extra special one with the recruiting class coming in and guys like Immanuel Quickley, Nick Richards and/or EJ Montgomery hanging around as upperclassmen. Instead Quickley and Richards were two of the most improved players in the country and heading to the NBA, because that's what great players do. Montgomery is apparently leaning toward the NBA. 

This is the quote I needed to hear though. 

No, I wasn't doubting next year's team. They have a bunch of talent. Cal finally got back to his old ways and brought in a top-5 guy. Guys like Terrence Clarke, BJ Boston and Devin Askew are going to be stars. But then there are the 4-stars coming in expected to be 2-3 year guys like Cam'Ron Fletcher, Lance Ware and Isaiah Jackson who is a borderline 5-star on 247. Gimme that group over anything else in the country. 

But I'm stuck in quarantine. I need to hear good news. Cal already being swaggy Cal in April has me excited. Get me to next basketball season already. 

We're going to be Kentucky and we'll be fine.