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A Baltimore Police Officer Is Under Investigation For (Allegedly) Coughing On Purpose While Walking Through A Public Housing Neighborhood

Why? Why can't Baltimore ever seem to get out of its own way? 

Race relations is an incredibly nuanced topic here in Baltimore. This isn't really the forum for that discussion, nor am I remotely close to being the right person to lead it. But it seems like time after time, some bad eggs in the Baltimore Police Department do something idiotic or reckless and shoots themselves in the foot. That or the mayor gets caught stealing gift cards designated for poor folks or uses a sham children's book to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes those are both things that have happened). It's no wonder there's little to no public trust in anything the city does.

Being a police officer in Baltimore is one of the toughest jobs in America. I don't envy what those folks are up against every single day. There are a ton of Baltimore cops who are good people who work their asses off to do the right thing and fight the perception that's been built surrounding the city so that 1.) Baltimore can have a safer community and 2.) their jobs might become a bit easier in the process. But there's always gotta be a bad egg or few that just can't seem to help themselves.

It's so incredibly easy to do your part right now and band together and (quite frankly) NOT be a douchebag and this guy had to go ahead and do it. The Rona has infiltrated the BPD (10 cases as of yesterday) and this guy thought potentially hacking it all over East Baltimore was a good idea. Just a bad bad bad look, simple as that. Be better.