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Another Dude Gets Taken Down For Spitting On Food In Grocery Store, BUT What The Hell Is Up With That Robot?

So another psycho spit on some produce and gets taken down, psychos gonna psycho, but the real story here is this enormous robot inside the Stop & Shop where it happened. Video below.

So I tried to get to the bottom of what this thing is with a very specific question that I knew would get some results. 

The answers flowed in from colleagues and strangers alike.

To spare you from reading that article, basically Marty just roams around and checks for spills and gets in the way, it doesn't actually clean up the spills, it simply alerts humans who then do the dirty work while the robot gets all the praise because it doesn't take smoke breaks or steal from the register. This thing costs 35 thousand dollars btw and is used like a mascot to bring in business. I don't know about you, but I prefer my grocery stores free of roaming reminders of why the eggs cost a dollar more there.

However, not everyone likes this thing, like this guy who has a personal vendetta against Marty..

Be careful Nick, Marty is not something to fuck with!

Stop spitting on food folks, you don't have a fucked up superpower and will go to jail, no thanks to Marty.

Have a great fucking day!