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Is There A Hank vs. Smitty Rough N Rowdy Fight At An Empty Arena In The Works?

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I'm not trying to take Bob Fox's combat sports beat and would never put any words in the mouth of a man without a chin or a man with a block head. But considering the Mario Kart rivalry that has sprung up between as well as the dueling fantasy football podcasts and now Twitch Channels (subscribe to the Pardon My Take channel here), I feel like it is only a matter of time between these Mega Powers explode and face off in the square circle in front of a bunch of rednecks. 

There is also a chance Portnoy makes them fight since this pandemic is coming for everyone's wallet and a battle between two undefeated Rough N Rowdy champions with no other sports on TV would be a nice bonanza for Barstool. If Dana White can start Fight Island, we can bring a Rough N Rowdy to the sticks of West Virginia since there is no way even the big bad coronavirus is going to fuck with the backwoods of RNR Country. 

So join the chat in the Twitch room above and lets see if we can incite a fight!