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This Is The Most Touching Tribute I've Ever Seen To A Deceased Grandmother

(Note: this is a video from last year so nana didn't die from corona. She just died of regular old people reasons, I imagine, idk maybe it was a car accident or an armed robbery, but the point is it wasn't corona and I think that makes it ok to laugh)

I think corona has caused all of us to face our mortality a little bit. Well I won't speak for everyone, I'll speak for me, and I've def had a few "what if I died?" internal conversations where I debated what I'd want to be done after I passed. Cremation? Sad or happy funeral? Who gets the task of cleaning out my shitty apartment and where did I leave that fleshlight? Things like that. But now that I've seen this, I no longer have questions. This is how I'd like my memorial to go. Twitch girl Zookdook doing Fortnite dances while saying "Rip John! Rip John! John's dead now!" That's all I want or care about.

The fleshlight can just stay there and the next tenant will have to deal with it.