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I'm In Love With This Hideous Bootleg Baby Yoda Plush

You know - in a weird time where laughs feel few and far between - this tweet really got a hearty one outta me. 

Somebody in the world really tossed a potato sack around this infant-puke-colored Blobfish stuffed animal and is passing it off as "Baby Yoda", and that's absolutely hilarious. 

I don't even know how else to describe this atrocity. It's like part-Blobfish, part-French Bulldog, part-Grandpa Joe Pesci, part-Stitch, annnnnd zero parts cute and/or adorable - which is reeeeaaaally all you're lookin for in a Baby Yoda plush. 

I think if I snuck this into my nephew's stuffed animal rotation it'd give the fuckin kid nightmares for weeks! It looks more like a creature than a baby! Don't get me wrong, though, I totally understand where this guy's mom was coming from in ordering the bootleg Baby Yoda. I'm starting to go crazy without mine. 

I ordered this sucker for over $400 bucks MONTHS AGO and this damn corona is gonna prevent it from arriving til August! Unbelievable!

Anyway, I wanted to sorta use this blog as an opportunity to share the fact that we'll be watching 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' LIVE tonight with Greg Grunberg - Snap Wexley of The Resistance himself!

Of course, Greg has been in more than just Star Wars - Felicity, Alias, Heroes, and Lost among others - but I mean c'mon. We're talkin Blue Squadron here. That's some big league shit.

I think I can speak for Jeff, KenJac, Joey, and Clem when I say we're all incredibly excited for this one. Should be awesome.

Join us at 8:30est!