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Cops Blaring The Siren From "The Purge" Is One Way To Tell People To Go Inside For Quarantine Curfew

Welp, I suppose that if watching the news or simply logging onto the internet during a global pandemic doesn't scare you straight and get you in your home, blaring the alarm of when every crime imaginable is legal could do the trick. Holy Christ that was frightening eerie (No word's stock has gone up more the last month like Eerie. If Davy Day Trader could buy stock in the word Eerie, he'd be a billionaire by now).

Now I personally have been quarantining my dick off since Day 1 because I am used to working from home as a blogger, said goodbye to any semblance of a night life after becoming a father 5 years ago, and would rather not spread a deadly virus to friends, family, or complete strangers because I don't want to be the Outbreak monkey or the reason another sports season gets cancelled. But between the nonstop partying, the voodoo, and pretty much every story I have heard about Louisiana, I think it's safe to say that the good people of Louisiana are built sliiiiiightly different than an idiot smut blogger from the New York suburbs. Especially the girl that laughed at cop cars with their lights on playing that siren from hell. Maybe Empy can go down to the bayou because this visual is pretty much the only thing that is as haunting as "The Purge" siren blaring at night.