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17-Year-Old Non-Nerd (wink wink) Built The Largest Coronavirus-Tracking Website In The World

Uhhh hey kid. When I was 17, I was too busy not having sex to worry about building a coronavirus-tracking website. In fact, coronavirus didn’t even exist in 1999. We didn’t have a care in the world. Well, besides Y2K. That was a scary time.

We we worried that as soon as the clock struck midnight on New Years that the entire system would come crashing down. Major cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and even Miami would be shut down. The government would be powerless to stop it.

Deal with that and build your precious little website, you curly-headed entitled angsty teen. I bet he probably has Dashboard Confessional as his MySpace song. While he’s worried about being Emo, I’m researching the news from the WHO. We.are.not.the.same, kiddo.

(In solidarity, I made this blog NSFW so we don’t gain any ad revenue from it) 

((Just kidding. That’s foolish))