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Sergio Garcia Putting Together A Puzzle Of Himself Winning The Masters Is An Incredible Flex

Boy, did that make me laugh. Not sure why exactly but Sergio Garcia putting together a puzzle of himself winning the Masters really struck my funny bone. It would sorta be like if a sculptor worked day and night on a statue and then upon completion stepped away and it was a statue of himself. Sergio putting the last piece of that puzzle must've been quite the ego trip. Don't get me wrong, Sergio is well within his rights to put together a puzzle of himself winning the Masters. All of us would do the exact same thing. You win the Masters, you can do whatever you want to remind people, "Hey remember that time I won the Masters?". That right comes with the green jacket.

It's just that we bought a couple of puzzles for our apartment during this quarantine* and they were things like a Star Wars movie or the solar system. Pretty standard stuff when it comes to puzzles. I guess what it boils down to is that I have never accomplished something so awesome in my life where I thought, "Let's turn that into a puzzle!" and that's on me.

*Puzzles SUCK and I hate them. Pre-quarantine I didn't feel strongly one way or there other about puzzles but that's because I had never tried to put together a 1,000 piece puzzle with earnest. Turn out it's awful. Maybe my brain just doesn't work that way but it felt like I had been thrown overboard and forgot how to swim. "Find the edge pieces, find the edge pieces" everyone kept saying but I couldn't even do that. What a nightmare.