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You Like Power? Feast Your Eyes On A Stump Remover That Harnesses The Power Of The Sun

Ever tried to remove a stump? I’m not talkin about removing your little pecker from your trousers. Just kidding. You probably have either a huge dick or enormous clitoris. Congrats, by the way. Dope genitals.

Have you tried to remove a stump though? It’s hard. Again. Not talking peckers.

Stumps god damnit! Have you removed them? I wrote those last two sentences to the cadence of Samuel L Jackson’s famous line, “English, mother fucker. Do you speak it?” Crushed that. Royale with cheese.

Stumps can be very difficult to remove. You can chop and chop and chop and feel like you haven’t made any progress and that’s because you haven’t. You’re swinging the ax with that shitty dick we talked about earlier and not that gorgeous ass of yours. It’s all in the hips. We’ve gone over a thousand times. It’s exhausting and I can’t walk you through this again. Not now. Not at this hour. 

Overall, impressive tractor. Would ride.